Stock Ticker - The Classic Stock Market Board Game

The classic Stock Ticker boardClick to play Stock Ticker - the classic stock market board game game is offered for free online here for the first time anywhere.  The object of the game is simple: buy and sell stocks and accumulate as much money as you can.  It's just like the real stock market!  Whether your strategy is to buy low and sell high, or to minimize risk by only buying dividend-paying shares, your goal is the same: get as rich as you can, as fast as you can.

Start the Game

You start the game with $5000 to invest in any way you choose.  Buy and sell your shares by clicking the up and down arrows on the corresponding selectors.  If you decide to sell certain stock all at once, click the corresponding dump button.  Once you've made all your trades, press the roll button to see where the stock market will move to next.


Just like in the original Copp-Clark version, there are three six-sided dice: one for the stocks, one with the values 5, 10, and 20, and one that determines which way the stock will move or if it will pay a dividend.  If, having rolled the dice by pressing the roll button, it should be revealed that a dividend is to be paid, you will receive the value shown multiplied by the number of shares you own of that stock.  There is a catch, however!  A stock only pays a dividend if its market value is greater than or equal to $1.00, as shown by its corresponding game piece.  If the market values the stock at less than $1.00, you will not receive any dividends.

Buying and Selling

You trade six different commodities in this classic stock market board game: gold, silver, oil, bonds, industrial, and grain.  If you wanted to purchase 500 shares of gold, for instance, you would click once on the corresponding up arrow.  If you decide later that you wish to sell your shares in gold, you press the corresponding down arrow.  If you choose to sell a stock all at once, click the corresponding dump button.  In an attempt to stay true to the original Copp-Clark version of the Stock Ticker board game, shares may only bought and sold in multiples of 500.

Stock Split

If you make wise investment decisions, you may find yourself with a hot commodity.  It's always good when a stock you own goes up in value.  In the classic Stock Ticker board game, however, a stock can only rise so high.  If a stock hits the $2.00 mark, it splits and is sent back to the $1.00 mark.  A split means that you will receive one share for every share you own.  That's right!  If a stock splits, the number of shares you own will double.  Obviously, this can be a very good thing if your stock continues to rise.

Stocks Taken Off the Market

On the other hand, if a stock drops to $0.00, it goes off market.  Just like with a stock split, the game piece is sent back to the $1.00 mark.  Unlike a stock split though, you lose all the shares you own, so you'd better sell if a stock's value drops too low.

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